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Shopping in Dubai: The Malls

Shopping in Dubai can be quite an experience. Shopping in the malls is usually the better choice since the weather can get pretty hot. There are more than 70 malls in Dubai to do your shopping so you will be spoilt for choice. Each mall provides a unique experience but these three are the ones you cannot give it a miss.

Mall of the emirates

Mall of the emirates opened in early 2006 and is one of the ten largest malls in the world. The best part of the mall is that it hosts the famous indoor ski slope that we all read about in reviews, around 400 metres with real snow. The mall is huge making the shopping experience spacious and comprehensive, so if you are not looking for much, there is really not much need to go anywhere else.

There is a large Carrefour Supermarket and ‘Jumbo’ electrical retailers. It also hosts stores like Debenhams, Harvey Nichols. And when you feel like taking a break, there is an entertainment complex at the other end, filled with cinemas, restaurants and cafes.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall like the Mall of the emirate is not only a shopping destination but also a huge (literally) tourist attraction. The Dubai Mall holds the title of the world’s largest shopping mall based by total land area. Also, the mall is next to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Besides the many world records the mall holds, the shopping experience at Dubai Mall is top class. When it comes to shopping for fashion, almost any big brand can be found here. There are also various electronic mega stores to shop for your favourite electronics and computers. For your grocery shopping, there is Waitrose.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Though some will say that the shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall is just average, but to be fair, the overall shopping experience is also heighten by its architectural surroundings. The Ibn Battuta Mall is also the title holder with it being the world’s largest themed shopping mall, so it is not an average sized mall by any means.

The shopping experience at Ibn Battuta Mall is historically informative, making it very enjoyable. The mall is split into six sections, each section is an architectural reflection of the regions Ibn Battuta (Famous Arabian explorer) explored. If you managed to stay in Dubai for the summer, the mall will host markets of different local specialities including art, photography and ethnic clothing.

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